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Postby swannee » Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:18 am

Just one little word to Alex "So-You-Think-You-Can" RANCE!
(He's just GOT to be the best defender in the comp...know how we know this? Because BRUCIE tells us so, and he'd know of course! :roll: )

The word?


Lost count of how many Buddy kicked on Mr Rance-id, ...but at one stage the Swans kicked a whopping 16 unanswered goals so the Richmond defence wasn't exactly what you might call on fire. :roll:
In truth was there even any at all?

The statisticians are trying to salvage something out of the Tiger debacle, and claim Dustin Martin finished with 33 touches as a positive.
Big f---ing deal, ...Luke Parker gets that sort of number in just ONE QUARTER!
Somebody must have forgotten to tell the Swans that Riewoldt was "the star", so the notion had to remain as it always does, in his own head!

Just as well the game was played in Sydney though. Had it been in Melbourne the race would have been awash with the fan's expectorated saliva, and special arrangements would have had to been made to sweep up all that extra litter cause by the those torn up Tiger memberships.

If ever Richmond needed a firm reminder of just how little progress they have made under their coach, last night provided just such a demonstration.
What could you call it? A shellacing? Massacre? An obliteration? Whatever, but it showed so clearly that Richmond is another of those teams that constantly try to buoy up the fans expectations with so many promises, only to remain exactly where they always were, or worse still, sink even further from mediocrity to absolutely embarrassing incompetence.
So what will it be this year? Not even ninth, ....but thirteenth? Fourteenth?

And yes, last night WAS embarrassing. The Swans just did as they pleased in what was nothing more than a training run, while the Tigers either stood there pointing fingers and blaming others, or ran around ineffectively losing what few possessions they did manage to get. They got no better when Longmire rested four of the Swan's best on the bench during the final quarter.
A final total of just 2 goals to 22?
Great score....NOT!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Hardwick MUST go of course, ...as must so many of their lacklustre list.
Sadly for the few remaining loyal fans whose patience and loyalty must be sadly tried by now, I don't see this happening due to a fixed mindset of the entrenched fat-cat board and the moribund atmosphere that continues to prevail down at Tigerland.
I tried being "normal" once......worst two minutes of my life!!!
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