Puss, ...have you recovered yet?

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Puss, ...have you recovered yet?

Postby swannee » Sat Sep 10, 2016 11:10 am

Well puss, has your heart stopped fluttering yet?
Even I thought your game was gone, ...I've seen that exact same scenario do my Swans in a couple of times this year, but as the whole MCG held its collective breath, and every Geelong fan prayed, the kick missed and your team got out of jail free!
This of course was none of their own doing, .....the Hawthorn player should NEVER have been allowed to get that chance.
Anyway, congrats puss, you must be very excited.
Of course if our respective teams happen to meet, then you'll no doubt understand when I say it's every man for himself?

Note to those in charge:
DO NOT ever let Bruce anywhere near a game where Dangerfield is playing!
Personally I fail to see why everybody raves over that bloke. Just going by his performance last night, it was full of bad kicks, out-on-the-full, missed targets and very, VERY mediocre, ....but they'll probably give him the Brownlow just on reputation.
Let's face it, he only got so much of the media attention by bailing out of his old team and going to Geelong. And THAT'S IT? :Puzzled: :Puzzled: :Puzzled:
No matter how crap his effort was, (even that out-on-the-full!), to hear Old Brucie babble you'd thing it was the Second Coming of the messiah or something similar!
I tried being "normal" once......worst two minutes of my life!!!
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