Bad job on Jobe?

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Bad job on Jobe?

Postby swannee » Fri May 05, 2017 4:12 pm

What the hell are they hiding?
This photo below is direct from the AFL's own website, ....and not being exactly unfamiliar with the process known as photoshopping, I can tell you that it's plain to see that something VERY strange has been done to Jobe Watson's hair here. It's a pretty bad job too. That whole top bit looks mighty false and the joins most unconvincing. It's also floating up way too high! Just look at all that forehead! The colour doesn't even match!
Why? Jobe wouldn't be getting sensitive about "losing it" now would he!

Gary Ablett Senior was infamous for returning a figurine of himself sent for his approval with a demand for more hair to be put on it, despite his own most obvious advancing baldness.
I tried being "normal" once......worst two minutes of my life!!!
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