Yet Another Umpiring F-CK-UP!

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Yet Another Umpiring F-CK-UP!

Postby swannee » Thu May 18, 2017 3:26 pm

This sort of thing pisses me off monumentally!
Did anyone else see the idiotic umpiring mess-up in the Swans/Roos games, right in front of the Roos goal?
As you know, players now have to nominate as being the ruck...(yet another f-cked up rule enforced into the book)...and both teams did so.
Then our bright little umpire blows his wee widdle whistle for a perceived Swans infringement, when there was none. The nominated player rucked but the umpire deemed an infringement.
Captain Jarrad Mcveigh pointed out that the one who nominated for the Swans HAD in fact been the ruck, which was indeed the case...only to hear the mike pick up the stupid bloody umpire admit he hadn't heard it.
He's RIGHT there on the spot!
And not supposed to even bounce the ball until he's heard it! So why did he do just that?

The un-warranted free kick deeded to the Roos resulted in a very easy goal from about three metres!
And that goal stood, despite being the result of a completely incorrect fucked-up umpiring decision!
Now luckily (for Mr Deafness Umpire) the match was won by far more than a goal by the Swans, however what if they had finished say four or five points behind?

Why was that free kick not immediately deemed as being incorrectly awarded and the resultant goal for North Melbourne then subsequently deleted from the score?
This could have, ...and should have been done!
One of these days the gross incompetence of some umpires is going to cost a team four points!
I tried being "normal" once......worst two minutes of my life!!!
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