Casual observation

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Casual observation

Postby boisayum » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:28 am

A few weeks back I spent time at the Chillout festival in Daylesford , which is a LGBTIQZMNOTIJB festival.

I don't usually like to go to the events because of one reason. Gay guys. Gay guys are the most horrible, disgusting, bitchy, judgy people in this world. Get them in a pack and it's just horrible horrible viewing. In this day of fighting for marriage equality and equal rights as a group, a unity you might say, the gay man is cunning judgmental and nasty as anyone could ever be. They are fake, they are divisive and give me a straight guy to hang around any day.

I will not attend an event like this again. The lesbians were fun.
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>Re: Casual observation

Postby swannee » Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:02 pm

Well speaking as a man that identifies as Gay, ....I must say that I can agree with your assumption in part boisayum.
Yes many "gays" can appear shallow and judgmental socially, but probably there's no greater percentage of those that there is amongst the straight population.
The so-called "social media" is full of vapid self-obsessed people who see their own mundane lives as so worthy of recording in their quest for celebrity in their own minds, and they certainly aren't all gay.

I see the emergence of "Q" (queer) as the greatest threat to Gay now.
Having waited years for the word "gay" to become an acceptable, non-derogatory term that I can use to refer to myself and my partner in public, now there's a not so subtle push to have "queer" used as the blanket term to represent us all.
Queer Art Shows, Queer Dances, Queer Politics, Queer Literature, Queer Issues etc.
Be buggered if I'll ever come under the "Queer" label....(pun fully intended!)
It’s becoming another trendy identity for people who are completely full of shit. 
It means something different for everybody that uses it.

“Queer” seems to be the word of choice for people who claim that they’re not straight but don’t have the balls to commit to a concrete label like Gay or Lesbian, ...even Bisexual that actually MEANS something. Instead they hide behind a label that tells us exactly....NOTHING.
It’s another way of saying “I’m more special than everybody else even though I’m just like some of you. I just don’t want to admit it because I like being a special little snowflake and I demand to be recognized for my specialness.”

Well it seems gay nowadays just isn't special enough for these precious little snowflakes, despite them being gay in every discernible way.
Either that or they are marginalised, dysfunctional STRAIGHT women who dress weirdly and want to crash the gay party to give themselves some legitimacy in their own minds. Those, ....or the newly emerging class of "men"(?), all still with fully intact and functioning vaginas and ovaries vociferously demanding they be seen as genuine men......
Trouble is they want to RUN the show now!
Where were all these wannabees back in the fight for gay rights, ....on which they now trade without having ever done anything towards obtaining or extending them.
I tried being "normal" once......worst two minutes of my life!!!
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